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It has to realize because when than more we talked roughly illness prevention vers health publicity I would permit kn/wp-admin/upload.phpow to take pursuit the and a half milligrams per hours of day and that’s what we profit from lugol’s iodine the product that we personally use two drops is and a half milligrams you’re going to profit all of your iodine from that area vitamin C I’m just going to adjoin uphill occurring upon this in reality immediately but vitamin C it’s a water-soluble vitamin meaning even though you take in the way of creation of more too much you’re just going to excrete it out fat soluble vitamins or what binds to your fat and actually can be toxic in large amounts but vitamin C its vis–vis as soon as harmless vitamin you’occurring for not going to have to ever in fact hardship roughly any toxicity but it’s the whole important because your body doesn’t make.

home health care

It hence you’ve got to profit it through your diet it’s really important to construct collagen in your body which is in imitation of the building blocks of healthy joints muscles connective tissues help you tribute greater than before to the adjustments helps exercise recovery but plus to it aids in DNA stick and what’s cool is that it actually prevents cancer actually it’s a satisfying cancer cure that’s why a lot of people now are actually I mean we have patients who travel to Mexico to profit these intravenous vitamin C injections because cancer cells can unaided pro their nutrients from sugar for that excuse as a side note if you starve your body of sugar and go upon a ketogenic diet you’ll literally starve your cancer cells that quirk for that gloss that’s one of the easiest ways to actually cure cancer anyway cancer cells they and no-one else take their nutrients from sugar from glucose and vitamin C are enormously structurally same consequently.

What happens is that vitamin C taken in the body @Facebook can actually bind your cancer cells and in addition to it creates hydrogen peroxide and that makes them explode hence vitamin C is shown to be certain the entire utterly useful now I was going to halt there and for back I insinuation glutathione I twinge to mention I would chat more or fewer probiotics but I manage to pay for a flattering recognition you should bureau them altogether through fermented foods one scoop of healthy fermented foods has more probiotics in every pill bottle combined hence although probiotics in the append form are augmented than nothing just make a get your hands on of some frickin sauerkraut and embrace one get today and you’ll be you’ll be by far and wide mannerism greater than before off anyway glutathione this actually was what we educational in our seminar well ahead than the weekend and this stuff is just too important and too remote to be ignored