Boost Your Trumpet Rental With These Tips

trumpet rental

She puts the object in her hand and it’s kind of like cold and wet and shape of a ball I thought it was a cherry and then so she makes us feel it and it she makes us smell it and then she’s like okay now put it in your mouth and.

I’m like okay I’m getting kind of scared now Casali yo and it just ended up being a grape which Daniel is not that exciting of the story but I didn’t have a question for you guys because while I was there I learned that they do what’s called glow yoga and the kids can come along and they paint you up with body paint that glows in.

The dark under a blacklight and then you go into yoga and they play music and you have like a healthy snack after and they teach you how to make the snack so comment down below if you would like us to vlog that so you guys couvld be a part of it.

I don’t know I think it sounds like fun flow yoga that’s so cool you get off this machine it up would you want to go to that it sounds kind of like a ritual tribe thing oh it’s for fun so switch it up for kids to make yoga like more interesting and not oh yeah well that’s disgust would you want to come with us.

Kayla yeah can do glow yoga hi I thought so too oh so everybody can come with the lady is going to be sending me the schedule so that’ll be cool alright guys so we’re just winding down for the night but um just want to give you an update on what we’re doing because I know you’re all wondering gamers.

Here’s the two gamers of course Kayla and Ayla Jesse’s being a loner Jinja wall and the inator we’re gonna color we’re gonna color and eight up picked out the unicorn you guys have not had any cat and dog sagas or puppy kitty saga today.

So I have to show you guys what’s going on here show them what um what we’re getting diesel love that – OH diesel has this weird thing on him that he’s had for a while and it’s like getting bigger and it’s like his first falling off in that spot but here’s what it looks like we’re gonna take him to the vet tomorrow and get it checked out easel stuff but it’s right here and it’s like this black spot guys and we don’t know what it.

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