Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Tree Farm Experience

I never had composts we have a treat here we’re gonna cutup on video of everybody yes and this isa mango tree that’s about a four year old mango four year old mango what kind of mango that’s a Tommy Atkins which is beautiful maker large green red they generally fruit a little earlier in the year than some of the other varieties and they’re heavy producer sand they’re fairly reliable as well this tree itself is a gallon sized tree right now it’s in a gallon size pot okay you see it’s rooted out pretty well the soil has washed away mm-hmm it’s time there was time a couple months ago for this tree to come out of this pot and go to a larger pot and if you can pick the entire thing up like that without the pot ball anyway right or the dirt.

if it’s that well rooted out yea hit’s probably overdue hey be reported why are you transferring this tree this mango tree into this size pot I’m not a really really big sized pot what Have been taught is that if you have small tree in a large pot when you water water naturally takes the path of least resistance right which is the edges of the pot so the root ball does not get much of that water okay so you want to keep them fairly contained but a little bit of room for the roots to grow so this here is a three gallon local pot we would not want to put that size tree into this large of a pot I see because the small root ball in the middle of the pot might not ever see water because when you water the water is going torus to the edges of the pot.

I see just theory okay but that’s what I’ve been taught it seems to make sense so you want to up the tree slowly correct not too fast when it needs to be reported is when you depot it in addition to the Seamus soil we already have in there the basalt lava sand two different kinds of compost and mulch in addition to this what else you’re going to put inside this pot I’m going to add a little bit of micro riser which is beneficial fungus beneficial fungus just a splash of that that’s going to improve the microbial life correct.

In-the soil I’m going to throw in a little bit of atomize which is rock dust powder and we’re also going to throw in some worm tree farm castings worm castings are the best stuff on earth use as much of this as you can afford but basically worm poop but real gardeners no worm casings is where it’s at worm castings are both okay and consequently people always ask me my you tube videos commencements.