Things To Remember About Quick Mexican Food

we are having dinner thanks Alan yeah we opted for salad since we kind of started the day honest not super healthy you know yes and then this is our last nightie Albuquerque tomorrow we head up to Boulder it’s my first time there I think you’re soon once before yeah long time yeah I’m so excited I’ve always wanted to go everyone always said it’s amazing you gotta get up there um so we’re doing it Boulder Colorado in. case you’re not familiar yes Boulder Colorado so that should be a funereally pretty.

I think drive up there but we’re just gonna eat in word can go robed good night adventures see on the this goofy banana cream pie but on the physicists bar because these mosquitoes estrous leches beef brisket Iquitos lectureship Walt Ashley Chow call Raider Wendy Vela my Como David Damage JP wall go mags here at border grill order grill order grill photograph motors grill border grill border grill boy Borderland grill what’s up guys and welcome to the benches the Superman I am your host change.

you crazy while we’re inside Mandalay Bay at Porter grill for Mexican food yes mobilize vol marketing myself miss Wong we’re on quick Mexican food a search for the best restaurant out here in Las Vegas and tonight one of your favorites Mexican food what are you looking for for everything just the nice I really lovechild okay so we’re gonna get a nice time with basically everything they have to offer and we’ll be back she got tacos we got the beautiful Jamie I got to know what are you about to give us right now this is our homemade.

strawberry singing we have a little walk up or twisting bubbles with double scattershot just gotta stir drinks phenomenal-the watermelon was it’s perfect now you just browse some appetizers yes can you share with us what these appetizers are absolutely so mind you everything here is homemade everything’s fresh pretty much the only thing we freeze ice cream we’re doing plainclothesman to one of our signature rightist’s a plenty banana smashed.